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Living Simply for Longevity

Posted by Gwen Williams on March 22, 2016 at 12:35 AM

I am not sure I would want to live forever but long and healthy would be nice. My translated copy of the “Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine”, describes four types of ancient people (Immortals, Sages, Achieved Beings and Naturalists) that lived very long and accomplished lives.


These folks did not display the usual signs of aging and were able to travel freely outside the conventional view of time and space. They could see and hear far beyond what was considered normal and lived to over one hundred years. What was their secret?


They gathered energy from nature and “harmonized” with the environment, seasons, sun, moon, stars and universe. They adapted to society without adopting popular thinking or cultural norms. They avoided emotional drama, excessive lifestyle, ambition or desire. They focused and integrated mind, body and spirit with exercise and meditation. They ate a balanced diet at regular times and maintained a pure conscience and a clear mind.


In a nutshell it says, “… people lived simply…and close to nature… to prevent pathogens from invading”. When they did get sick they “…guided properly the emotions and spirit and re-directed the energy flow…to heal the condition”. If this did not work, herbs and herb-wines were used. Finally if a condition worsened, an accurate diagnosis with techniques like acupuncture and moxibustion were needed.


The book states, “These days” people’s lifestyles have become detrimental to their health and they only live to fifty years of more. These two books were written more than two thousand years ago. This reminds me that the voices of our elders and ancestors, that told us to eat our vegetables, go to bed early, get some fresh air and be kind to others, were wise words indeed.


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