Heart's Discovery

...Gwen Williams


I use a variety of holistic approaches that work at energetic levels to bring balance of mind, body and spirit. Removing blockages at all levels, restores the natural flow that allows one's true self to be expressed in the world. - Gwen
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Aroma-T Acupressure

Aroma Touch® with Acu-Point pressure,Tuina & My Essential Oil Blends

Energy Bath &  Balancing

Non-Touch Healing with Sound, Oils, Essences, & Therapeutic Touch®

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Powerful Puncture of Needles, with Diet, Herbs, Cups, Moxa

Cards & Conversation

Cards, Face Readings & Conversation w Holistic Counselling

Feng Shui for Home & Business

Implement this Ancient Practice for Good Energy & Good Fortune

Therapeutic Movement

Open Energy Pathways to Maintain Health with QiGong or 5E Dance